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NEWS ! Very important !

Started by admin 2019-12-27 at 06:37
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My name is Sara.

I'm the new admin of the site.
This site was attacked by hackers some time ago.
We managed to establish links with the server, and secure them.

I want to announce the following promotions for our loyal members.
I reduced the payment limit to just $ 1 for Standard members.
The payment limit for upgraded members is $ 0.01.

I changed the referral price bought as follows:
A Standard member can buy a referral for only $ 0.15 / referral.

I reactivated the points system.
Each member can earn points,
and can change them to a 1000 point course for $ 1.

We have reduced all the prices for advertising on our site.
We have reduced the price of the ads purchased on our site at
$ 025 for 1000 visits.
You have more details here:

For loyal users, we can add Campaign Tracker on request,
We pay $ 1 for 10,000 views for each Campaign.

We will soon add payment via Payeer.

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