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Page login have a problem?

Started by kade 2019-08-17 at 05:54
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To: Support (very urgent)
I'm a exist member, register by used this email address ( and have main balance $0.5000-0.6000. Almosr 1 weeks is passed, I ffound the problem with your's web is "can't login is already" the problem at "your's login system have a problem" because the webpage told that "Invalid login details" I'm login to your's web very frequency (almost 2-3 days) and I send my ticket since August 13,2019 until now not received your''s feedback. (my ticket : 58CF-07DB-9EE7-FBEF). And my old balance is loss from my account. Please recheck with my account and refund old balance (0.5000-0.6000) with to my account. You should solve this problem with as soon as possible. I'm still waiting your's solve this problem. Thanks

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